How did we evolve the Fleet Science Center brand to bring their new vision to life?

We clearly defined a strategic and powerful brand story for the Fleet Science Center—expressed both verbally and visually—that manifests their unique and ownable positioning as a leading science organization extending beyond Balboa Park, in Education and our Communities.

Powerful storytelling for a powerful vision

In close collaboration with the Fleet leadership, we created meaningful and relevant reasons to

believe for the Science Center, Education and Communities. 

“The Fleet Science Center connects people of all ages to the possibilities and power of science to create a better future.”

— Dr. Steve Snyder

A living, breathing brand

We developed a strategic new brand platform, a dynamic identity, positioning and messaging, MarComm toolkits, extensive brand guidelines and a launch strategy to reflect the new vision pillars of the Fleet.

Science starts here

From the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence to the geometry of Platonic solids, we infused science into the brand identity right from the start.

We purposefully chose to the triangular shape to accurately reflect the three pillars of the new vision: the Fleet, Education and Community.


Creating meaning for people of all audiences

We developed a powerful brand expression for the Fleet and its programs: marketing materials and communications, social media, email toolkits and donor campaign strategy and creation. For the internal Fleet team, we created robust brand guidelines, toolkits and the training needed to take the reigns and execute effectively.