How did infusing purposeful storytelling in the brand and brews lead to a 40%+ increase in production and sales?

Mth Degree built the brand with an “enlightened” purpose. We created storylines for each beer and expressed them courageously through packaging, tasting room, merch, as well as, B2B and B2C campaigns to position them at the top of the industry.

#41 of 4,000
on the list of U.S. craft breweries.



We created a cohesive brand for the national and seasonal beers with a labeling and packaging system that highlighted each “enlightened” story.


How did we evolve the Green Flash brand into a barrel-aged market leader?

Inspired by the artistry in the brewing of Cellar 3, we created a luxury sub-brand with premium packaging to satisfy the curiosity and never ending thirst of those with an obsession for beer.


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