How did we put purpose into product launches in a commoditized industry?

Mth Degree infuses purposeful training and content programs to arm retail sales associates (RSAs) with the tools they need to succeed. From training materials to retail activation, we put the “Life’s Good” promise in the hands of sales associates and LG customers.

Engaging and arming a nationwide salesforce

Our training programs arm retailers and wireless carrier sales teams across the country with the tools, tips and knowledge to sell LG smartphones.


With retention and sales success in mind, each product story applies “How to Sell” language, sales tips, interactive exercises, gamification, demos videos and interactive testing.

Fast, fun, forward-thinking that drives results

The friendly user experience and people-first positioning activates RSAs to explore, learn and confidently recommend LG product everywhere.

Mth Degree created consistent campaign and call-to-action marketing to drive sales associate usage on LG’s learning management system.


Based on third party research, our interactive trainings improved RSAs rate of recommendation (NPS) by


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