Our work is fully focused on evolving brands to create brand loyalty, value and profits.

We specialize in guiding and leading our partners through our brand evolution process that grows audiences, increases brand value and ignites loyalty.

Here are some typical results that our clients have experienced through our brand evolution programs:

  • An increase in your company growth through increased sales and overall value:
    • Our clients typically see sustained year-over-year growth, and as high as an ROI of 2,487% growth over a 5 year period;
    • Others saw an increase in brand value (measured by Forbes) of $275million over a 5-year period.
  • A more engaged team, culture and leadership, reduction of turnover by 15+%, as measured by clients.
  • Deeper brand loyalty and engaging the right customers.
  • Greater understanding and connections with the belief systems of an organization to the customer benefits (brand promise) that brands deliver.
  • A sharper vision of the road ahead for business leaders to navigate and drive their companies forward.
  • A clearer foundation on which to innovate and create new and improved products and services.
  • Brand Strategy

    • Insight & research
    • Audience segmentation/profiles
    • Brand audits
    • Brand & product innovation workshops
    • Brand & sub-brand strategy
    • Investor positioning

  • Brand Evolution

    • Brand architecture
    • Organizational beliefs workshops
    • Messaging matrix
    • Brand naming
    • Brand voice & tone
    • Brand mapping
    • Brand equity studies

  • Brand Expression

    • Brand identity / visual & verbal
    • Brand guidelines / “Brandifestos”
    • Brand video stories
    • Internal brand roll-out
    • Brand launch programs
    • Branded space design
    • Comprehensive brand expression

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Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute

Fleet Science Center

Creative & Marketing Services
  • Marketing

    • Comprehensive marketing programs
    • Product & brand launch programs
    • Creative concepting & copywriting
    • Content marketing programs
    • Video content (scripts, storyboards, production)
    • Product & lifestyle photography
    • Motion graphics & multimedia content

  • Design

    • Collateral design
    • Website & app design
    • UX design
    • Packaging & labeling
    • Advertising
    • Experiential design
    • Environmental design (branded spaces)

  • Development

    • Web development
    • App development
    • Broadcast
    • Audio/video
    • Tradeshow/retail
    • APIs
    • Custom solutions

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