The Art of Differentiation

This past week I was on the air for a spirited conversation with the good people of BISTalk radio. We covered lots of ground ranging from humanizing brands and marketing, discussing the thinking behind Nike’s recent “crazy” ad, and talking about how brands can play a role in societal change.

The conversation got me thinking about brand truth and differentiation.

Brands spend millions of dollars each year working to differentiate themselves, sometimes overlooking what truly makes them unique. If we look closely enough, the things we make, serve, and what we sell can be utterly differentiated.

Behind every brand is a truth that no one else can claim, own, or sell. The closer a brand can get to knowing, capturing, and expressing these truths (AKA deeply held beliefs), the more distinguished your brand will be. If you want your brand to truly stand apart look inside your organization and what it stands for—not to the competition. Speak loud and proud about that. Your unique organizational beliefs just might change the world.

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