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The Story of Ice

Evolve or Perish—A Tale of Warning Told by Guy Kawasaki If you’ve seen Guy Kawasaki, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist, author...


The Only Reason Brands Evolve

With all the talk about brand purpose and our purpose-driven economy, there are throngs of skeptics in the C-suite of...


Trust vs. Belief

If you know what a brand believes in and they live up to those beliefs you have confidence in that...


You Are What You Promise

One of the key components to a brand’s make up is your brand promise. Born from a brand purpose (the...


Building Brand Loyalty

The current marketplace demands that brands work with heart to create meaningful differentiation and authentic engagement. The brands that intimately...


Succinct Positioning

With more options than ever, consumers don’t always have the time to get to know your brand. It is your...


How Scarce is Your Brand?

There are two core pillars that uphold the foundation of brand positioning: relevance and differentiation. Differentiation has to do with...

patagonia brand purpose example

No Purpose. No Brand.

A purposeless brand is a soulless company waiting to be exposed. If your company doesn’t have a purpose that...